Frequently asked question




Conditions of TISF 2017

Applicants can choose to be presesnter or participants.

  1. What is the difference between 'Presenter' and 'Participants'?
    Presenter is a person or groups who will present their scientific paper and be part of the competition mean while participants are people who will follow the while TISF activieties from beginning to the end as audience and aren’t part of the competition .

  2. In the registration form 'Presenter' indicated that the number of presenters maximum of 3 people from each group. How if there are more than 3 people in the group?
    Each member of the group who doesn’t present the  scientific paper but they’re name are written as one of the researcher will be cosider as participants  (max 5)

  3. Is there any age limitation ?
    No. As long as they are still an active student of an university.

  4. How about the non travel or tourism major student intaested in join this event? Is it permitted?
    Yes! We do not restristed anyone who interested to son this event All students from any study program or departement can participate!

  5. Whether the event is free?
    This event is FREE OF CHARGE!!

  6. Is there any accomodation or transportation provided for participants / presenters come from outside Bandung?
    We are sorry, we do not provide any transport or accommodation. However, if participants are interested in the tour on the second day, we provide transportation such as buses and snack.

  7. Is there any specific guidelines in writing abstract and paper?
    Yes there is, you can directly download it on this site below.