TISF 2017






Purposes  :

  • Facilitate the proces of information exchange and build relationships between students, researchers, and other part that are involved in travel and  tourism industry for the development of travel industry in Indonesia and Asean.
  • As a platform  to deliver  every new ideas, opinion and criticism related to the tourism and travel industry.
  • As a platform to converge students of tourism thought indonesia and ASEAN and Build a connection.




The rapid development of travel and tourism industry in Indonesia and Global has encouraged recognition needs for national, regional, and international forum in academic affair, especially for the travel industry students, lecturers, and other stakeholders such as practitioners, researchers, and bureaucrats in Indonesia. Travel Industry Student Forum (TISF) was created to fill the gaps and answerthe world needs for an academic forum. This event was initiated by Travel Industry Study program of STP NHI Bandung in 2013 and successfully became an annual event. To continue the successful story, The 5th TISF will be held in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.


TISF implementation of TISF  activities (Travel Industry Student Forum) is an initiative of Travel Industry Studies program - Bandung Institute of Tourism which  was the first tourism institute in Indonesia that open a Bachelor degree for travel major.


This even Began in 2013 and already become our annual event since it had collected varieties of research on travel and torism with defferent themes that discuss about many interesting topics  from varians university all over indonesia that are all invited to present their research in this forum.